Intel "Connect to Life"

Client: Intel


Concept development, creative direction, technical design and production, show staging


This rule-based interactive system invited Intel's CES guests to "Connect to Life" quite literally. Using any one of six input stations, each guest could create a unique shape, then watch as that shape migrated to a 168' long, 2200 square foot wave-shaped projection map across the entire Intel booth. Each shape then multiplied, lathed and animated to create a bioluminescent life form with its own unique personality. Some life forms swam, some flew and some tumbled. "Dancers" put on a show when they met each other. "Seekers" chased and "Runners" sought refuge. Over 30,000 unique life forms were created over four days -- approximately one life form for every 3.5 seconds of the show. The payoff for Intel was a wondrous visual metaphor for their Compute Continuum that viscerally delivered the Connect to Life theme.

Key Collaborators

Intel Corporation Marketing, Stimulant, Video Applications, 2LK, The Taylor Group